With our combination of knowledge, from both the technology and the compliance perspective, we can investigate and collect information to propose, design and build complete solutions based on legal requirements and business needs.


We have created a method to minimise failures and at the same time be in compliance with legislation, regulation, contractual terms, relevant applicable standards and recognised best practice.

We use a business-driven process that focuses on delivering required business outcomes in an agile manner.

Technology must be separated from the policies and interoperability should be governed by policy and business needs, not technology.

Todays problem

Almost all IT projects today are technology centric rather than business driven. In order to provide business value, projects must become ‘owned’ and driven by the business and not be focussed on, and led by, the IT department.

The development starts often in level 3, application layer, without the required detailed knowledge and understanding of the business rules, clearly defined outcomes or the business ecosystem in which the business operates. Therefor its essential to start in Policy layer to set the expected outcome and Investigate legal requirements and business needs.

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