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and publish

DCPN offers an innovative way to manage a document through its entire provide life cycle. It will provide a trackable audit trail that contains when the document was created, maintained, published, etc and providing non-repudiation to define exactly what document was valid at what time, in a secure DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) connected repository.

By offering the possibility to build a hierarchy of policies or other documents where it is possible to create different tiers of documents and then combining this with a system for creating and managing documents, DCPN has created a completely new way of managing compliance and providing trackability with an irrefutable audit trail.

The CMP software has three major functions – Create, Manage and Publish



Creating documents and especially legal documents and policies can be very challenging, expensive and time consuming. CMP can simplify this process and by just answering a few questions a user can create a complete version of very complex documents.

The Wizard

In the early days of computers, it was common to use the word wizard to describe different process flows that a user had to complete. The most common example was the installation process of a software which the user had to click through.

We think that creating even a complex document or policy should not be harder than that.

In many documents, and especially in legal documents and policies, much of the text and paragraphs are the same. Therefore, DCPN has created CMP with the goal that any user or business owner should be able to create the documents they need.

We have done this by making it possible to create document creation templates which then is used by CMP to create a wizard that then is used to create the finished document.



With CMP an organisation receives a document management tool that will provide document lifecycle control, versioning handling, trackability plus much more.

Want control over the organisations public policies?

With just a click the organisation can see all their public policies.

Let the legal department be in control over used policies.

Let the legal department be in control of what policies the organisation is publishing. The development team points to the document ledger on what policy that are used. If there is an update on the policy the legal department just adds a new version and the application always points at the latest version automatically. So the development team does need to do anything in the application on a policy update.

Not sure that you have the latest version of a document?

By using our document ledger search and document id you can make sure that you have the latest version of the document in front of you.



The world’s most modern DLT based document repository which is a catalogue and management system for documents and policies which can be used to create irrefutable digital trackability.

  • Designed to interconnect on an international level;
  • Designed to work in any sector or field of business;
  • Designed to enable document hierarchies;
  • Focused on digitalisation;
  • Focused on trackability.

Innovative, modern and in the front line of the industry

Every document that has been published in the repository has a unique QR-code that can be scanned to be directly linked to the repository page of the specific document. There you can download the document, view the lifecycle of the document and version history plus much more. The QR-code also serves as a logo for DCPN and shows that this is an officially published document.

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