SEFOS Add-in for Outlook

Protect sensitive and other confidential information
easily when communicating via Microsoft Outlook

SEFOS is an easy to use add-in for Microsoft Outlook, which allows you to send encrypted messages and attachments directly through Microsoft Outlook.

Communicate with other registered users through SEFOS or send encrypted links directly to non-registered users. With the SEFOS service you can protect your information from non-authorized access and ensure privacy.

At the same time, SEFOS is as easy as sending a regular e-mail and makes it easy for anyone to use!

Secure communication for everyone!


It is just as easy to send messages via SEFOS as it is to send a regular email.


Makes processes more efficient within organizations through simple and secure digital communication.


Allows you and everyone within an organization to protect all information sent with strong encryption.


SEFOS can easily be adapted to different organizations' requirements for client certificates and security.

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