Digital Compliance &
Policy Network


What DCPN offers is an innovative way to provide a digital trackable system that provides non-repudiation over what policies, agreements and other documents were valid at a specific time.

By publishing a document in DCPN’s repository a unique digital identity of the specific document is created. The systems create a trackable audit trail, providing non-repudiation, to define exactly what document what published at what time. When combining this with system for electronic signatures such as a national eID a completely new robust and legally enforceable product is created.

When using DCPN’s CMP Software, Create Manage and Publish Software, you have a tool to manage and get control of all your documents and policies.

Compliance Ledger

DCL, Distributed Compliance Ledger, is a distributed ledger based on blockchain technology that is built for compliance services such as document repository, lifecycle, management or publication.

By using DCL every document and its specific versions will be uniquely identifiable and verifiable either publicly or privately.

DCPN can help you integrate your application with a dedicated DCL, to create a new level of trust for your application.

Read more about all benefits a DCL will generate for you.

Secure digital

The need for secure digital communication grows every day

Nubibus Network is a decentralized network that makes it possible for organizations, companies, machines, systems or individuals to communicate digitally in a secure way and where an organisation can communicate and still follow regulations, legislation, business rules and policies.

CMP Software and Distributed Compliance Ledger, DCL, together with Nubibus Network creates interoperability between different technical systems based on business-driven policy instead of technology.

DCPN separates policy from technology and creates interoperability governed by policy

Compliance & Policy

DCPN provides consultancy services to assist clients at any level of the compliance chain. We are specialists in investigation and creation of policies, defining business rules and also help with pre-studies, implementation, management, ongoing use and audits.


With our combination of knowledge, from both the technology and the compliance perspective, we can investigate and collect information to propose, design and build complete solutions based on legal requirements and business needs.

If you need a new application or service contact us, we specialize in business-driven processes and investigating and documenting all necessary legal requirements.


Every time DCPN starts a new task for a client, it is a project. Projects can be large or small, simple or complex, expensive or inexpensive, but whatever type of project it is, it must be managed.

Failing to plan and manage a project properly leads to increasing the risk of project failure. DCPN ensures that appropriate project planning is one of the starting points of all projects and includes the following essential high-level components:

1. Understanding and documenting the client’s required outcomes, their requirements and what is in scope (as well as what is out of scope) and formally agreeing them.

2. Working with the client throughout the project and ensuring good communications and reporting structures exist and are used. These are usually a mixture of formal and informal communications.

3. Clearly assigning roles, responsibilities and tasking and ensuring all participants understand what is required of them.

4. Ensuring that all parties are committed to achieving the required outcomes and so project success.

5. Being adaptable to project change, which is inevitable, rather than resisting it.

6. Identifying, monitoring and managing project risk as all projects have risks. Some risks are known at the start of the project and others can occur unexpectedly, but all need to be managed, typically through a RAID (Risk Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies) Log that is a living document through the life of a project.

Good project management reduces risk, improves productivity, reduces costs and additional workload. Ultimately it increases the chance of project success.

DCPN will normally use ‘Agile’ project management as this methodology matches exactly the components above but can use any project management methodology a client requires.

"DCPN utilises agile project management"

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