International Care

Challenge When patients are treated in various geographic locations patient information needs to be provided to the local hospital. This process creates challenges and sometimes the patient needs to be the one providing the information to the local hospital through physical papers or on a USB-stick. Solution With the Nubibus Network Health Care organizations to […]

National eIDs

Challenge Most national eID systems are built around signing checksums which the service creates, and the customer rarely sees, or receives, an authenticated copy of what they sign, or commit to, that is admissible in a court of law. Solution Combining a national eID system with the DCPN repository means that the checksum is created […]

Verified Grades from foreign universities

Challenge Today, when a foreign student wants to apply for a job or an education, they need to prove they have verified grades by the university of origin. However, this is a time-consuming process which takes several weeks to fulfil, and neither is it tamper proof. Solution By connecting the university to the DCPN Distributed […]